Andrés Flajszer (Buenos Aires, 1975)

Formed both as architect and photographer, moves to Barcelona in the year 2000 where he finishes his studies in architecture at ETSAV-UPC and completes his photographic training at IEFC. In a seven year period he collaborates with local architecture offices (b01, DataAE, nug) engaging in competitions, urban planning, and building projects. He joined Actar Publishers in 2011 for a two year period as part of the editorial team, involved among others in two titles: “The Sniper’s Log (Architectural chronichles of Generation X)” and “Barcelona: Modern architecture guide”. Teached two courses of architectural photography at Escola Sert.
Since 2005 he develops a professional career in photography exploring the relational changes that take place between the built environment and human behavior as this junction defines our contemporary condition.